Bob McCalden - 11 May 2022

New and improved 'Apostrophe Use'

In response to queries from readers, I've extended the guidance in the 'Apostrophe Use' page to include additional topics such as the use of brand names.

Bob McCalden - 28 February 2022


We've connected with an existing Facebook page for the Apostrophe Protection Society! With a consistent look and feel across both the web site and the Facebook page, we're even better positioned to move forward with a full relaunch.


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APS Facebook.jpg

Bob McCalden - 5 February 2022

And we're live!

I am excited to announce that the new website for the Apostrophe Protection Society is now live!

Next, I'm starting to build a full relaunch plan - watch this space!


Bob McCalden - 15 January 2022

Almost ready to relaunch!

It's almost ready! The new website is in draft, agreements have been reached, and we're almost ready to bring the APS back to the world!