These are some examples of the misuse of the Apostrophe - as seen by you!

St Pauls Square.JPG

The Apostrophe Protection Society would like to invite you to submit your own photographic examples of misplaced, omitted or extraneous apostrophes.

Please submit your images to: photos@apostrophe.org.uk


By submitting your photos you give us permission to publish them on the APS website.


Please ensure photo file sizes are no larger than 250kb.  Images may be cropped and further reduced in size by us. Whenever possible, names and phone numbers in the photos submitted will be made unidentifiable.


We regret that we are unable to give credits to your submitted images which will be uploaded to our site in batches from time to time.  Inferior images (e.g. containing text which is too small), or those that do not contain examples specifically of apostrophe abuse will not be published.

Thank you for submitting suitable images for visitors to see.