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  • Bob McCalden


Dear APS members,

It's so exciting to be able to write "Dear APS members" for the very first time! Since opening up the Apostrophe Protection Society (APS) membership page earlier this month, I've been thrilled to see so many of you join the APS. Welcome, and thank you for your support!

It's coming up to a year since I took over the Apostrophe Protection Society and re-built the website. Since then, I've attempted to write some straightforward guidance on the use of apostrophes, and I'm about to add a further sub-topic on "Attributive Nouns" that may help to clarify when apostrophes are needed in cases where you have two nouns together in a compound structure (is it farmer's market, farmers' market, or farmers market, for example).

In addition to the link with our well-established Facebook page, I've just kicked off a Twitter feed to entertain/guide/shock you with examples of the misuse of apostrophes. You can find the Facebook and Twitter links on the homepage of the website - and I'd be delighted if you would start following them.

My next major activity will be to start contacting the media to see what interest and publicity I can generate there. It's a tough one to crack, but I'll give it a go!

That's it for now - thank you again for becoming members.

Best wishes,




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