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  • Bob McCalden

April newsletter

Once again, welcome to our new members over the last month, and thank you to all our existing members for being there. I'm delighted to see the number of members continuing to rise.

I mentioned in my last email that I was considering building a "Store" page on the APS website to share a set of affiliate links to apostrophe and grammar related merchandise (T-shirts, books, etc). I was very pleased to receive a number of supportive emails from members (thank you), and so I've done exactly that and created an initial store page of relevant products. Top of the list of products is an official Apostrophe Protection Society T-shirt, courtesy of the team at RedMolotov. A few of you have asked me in the past about T-shirts, so I'm very pleased to be able to offer them. I decided to use our international domain name and URL - - on them to broaden the appeal. There's a wide range of styles and colours, so why not have a look. I've also tracked down an "Apostrophe" red and white wine - I've only tried the red wine so far, but that's certainly a very pleasant Australian blend of Shiraz/Grenache/Metaro. Why not give it a try and let me know what you think. You'll find the links on the Store page of our website. If you know of any other suitable products for the APS store, do please let me know.

I'm also going to mention our Twitter presence again - I'm enjoying posting topics to this feed, and I'll continue to post (tweet) whenever I have something good to put out there. For those of you that use Twitter, please do have a look and follow our posts - it really is appreciated, and it's a good way of spreading the word. The user name is "@Apostrophe_Soc", or just search for "Apostrophe Protection Society", or follow the Twitter link on our website home page.

My next big project is to start contacting the media to build broader awareness of the APS and our mission to protect the correct use of the humble apostrophe. There was a lot of coverage back in 2019 when the APS was closed down for a while, so I'm hoping that our rebirth will generate some interest.

Best wishes for Spring to all of you in the northern hemisphere, and welcome to Autumn/Fall to those of you further south.



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