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Apostrophe Protection Society

Our Mission

Since 2001, the Apostrophe Protection Society has had a mission to preserve the correct use of this important, though much misused, item of punctuation. After a short closure at the end of 2019, the Apostrophe Protection Society has been revived by its new chairman, Bob McCalden, to continue its mission to champion the use of the apostrophe.



If youre looking for guidance on the correct use of apostrophes, you can find this on our Apostrophe Use page.

If you have your own photographic examples of misplaced, omitted or excessive apostrophe usage, have a look at the Examples page to see how you can submit your examples for inclusion on the site.

You can join the Apostrophe Protection Society to show your support and keep up to date on the Join APS page. It's free, so why not join today!

We have a new Store page where we are listing various products related to apostrophes and grammar. Do please have a browse and see if theres anything you want to purchase.

General contact details for any other reason can be found on the Contact page, or you can email us at

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"The little apostrophe deserves our protection.

It is indeed a threatened species!"

John Richards

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