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The rules concerning the use of apostrophes in written English are very simple:

1. They are used to denote a missing letter or letters, for example:

2. They are used to denote possession, for example:

This applies to all nouns, so the correct versions are Jesus's disciples, Keats's poems and so on.

Please note that “its”, which is usually used as a possessive adjective (like “our”, “his” etc), does not take an apostrophe:

... however, if there are two or more dogs, companies or Joneses in our example, the apostrophe comes after the 's':

3. Apostrophes are NEVER ever used to denote plurals!  Common examples of such abuse (all seen in real life!) are:

Note: Special care must be taken over the use of “your” and “you're” as they sound the same but are used quite differently:

The Correct Use of the
Apostrophe in the English Language

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