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  • Bob McCalden

Who are you?

When a new member signs up, I aim to get a "welcome" email sent out fairly promptly (certainly within a week or two), and then the newsletters go out to all members approximately monthly.

Just occasionally, the email addresses supplied by members when they sign up get mis-keyed and they don't work. When it happens I try to guess the correct email if it's an obvious typo - a domain name of, for example. I've successfully managed to correct a small number of email addresses like that. But there's just a few - currently just 8 of you - where I've been unable to guess a valid email, and they're sitting there as delivery failures. Obviously I can't email those members to ask for their correct email addresses, so I'm rather stuck.

If you signed up more than a couple of weeks ago but haven't received either a welcome email or a newsletter, then it might be because your email address didn't work. I can't put the names of those delivery failure members here - that'd be far too public. But if you haven't received anything, and your name and sign-up date might be one of these ...

- Jim B - 15 August

- Suzanne C - 4 September

- Amanda D - 8 September

- Zachary E - 15 August

- Nancy P - 17 August

- Chris T - 13 August

- Craig T - 16 August

- Beth W - 13 September

- MJ F - 8 October

... then please let me know by email and I'll update your record.

I hope between us we can get these people fully enrolled! I'll update the above list as we go.

Thank you!



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