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Grammar and Style in British English - A Comprehensive Guide for Students, Writers and Academics

English Language Issues - Paul Doherty's articles on the correct use of apostrophes etc.

Joanna Gutmann Training - Publications including Pocket Punctuation - tips for good punctuation

Guide to Grammar and Style - A miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations by Jack Lynch

Write 101 - is a broad-based, chatty link about grammar, including a section on saving the apostrophe

The Writing Kit - Dynamic interactive online tutorials for the writer.

Common Errors in English - Many English words and their abuse. Also useful Links to related sites

Apostrophen-Katastrophen - German site including examples of apostrophe abuse

The Dreaded Apostrophe - Using the apostrophe correctly is easy - once you know the rule!

Poet and Pedant - One man’s futile attempts to keep good grammar and rhyming verse alive

Your / You’re - Explanation and guidance for use of  often misused English words

Links to other Sites of similar interest:

The Apostrophe Song
from Cool Rules

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